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Supplies and Assemblies

Gratzfeld Eavestroughing Has The Supplies and Assemblies You Need

At Gratzfeld Eavestroughing & Tinsmithing Ltd., we pride ourselves on offering the finest eavestroughing solutions at affordable prices. That’s why, with numerous companies to choose from, we are proud to be affiliated with Alu-Rex gutter screen. Your eavestroughs will stay durable for a very long time because of their T-Rex fastening system. Plus, their Gutter Clean system eliminates your need to clean your eavestroughs.  


For further information, please visit their website at

In addition, we carry:

  • 5" and 6" continuous steel eavestrough
  • Flashing
  • Soffit
  • Fascia
  • Eavestrough screen
  • Basement pipe


We also offer copper eavestroughing and accessories!

When you’re ready to place your installation order, please contact our office to schedule your service.

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